In this article, I am about to share in-depth knowledge about direct drive technology. In addition to that, I will also explain the reason of its existence. And, I will also compare it with traditional belt drive technology.

First of all, What is Direct Drive technology?

The direct drive technology is a system that appeared in the market after several failures of belt drive technology. In this technology, the motor shaft is direct connected to the object to which we are willing to transmit the action. So, in this case, the motor power (the rotations here) is directly transmitted to the object attached to the motor's shaft. And, in between that, there's no belt or any other intermediate parts like gears.

You will be surprised to know that this technology isn't new. It's been used from decades. But, in washing machines, this technology is now available. See the image below which depicts the direct drive technology.

Direct Drive vs Belt-drive system in washing machine: A pictorial diagrams for easy understanding.

In the above image, the upper image shows belt-drive technology whereas the lower image shows direct drive technology. You can see that the belt and gears are eliminated and the power is directly transmitted to the object attached to motor's shaft. However, the above is of air cooler. For washing machine's direct drive system implementation, see the below image.

Direct drive system and conventional belt drive technology in washing machine: An easy-to-understand picture of washing machine drum and drive systems.

The above image depicts the information very clearly. There are many benefits of direct drive technology over belt drive or conventional system.

Benefits of Direct Drive System in Washing Machine

There are lot of benefits of having direct drive technology in washing machines. But, the very important are as follow.

  • It has no gear or belt, means, negligible amount of noise, quite less friction, and considerably less wear and maintenance of washing machine drum and motor shaft.
  • The elimination mechanical transmission elements contribute to less assembly effort
  • High dynamic acceleration of drum with high level positional precision
  • The rotation time (Cycle time in case of washing machine) is reduced compared to belt drive
  • High efficiency that is precisely tuned to the washing machine's application
  • The elimination of intermediate transmission parts also reduces the requirement of space and overall weight of washing machine.

Drawbacks of Belt-drive technology

As you know, whatever the benefits you get from the direct drive system are lack in the belt drive or convectional transmission system. But, apart from that, there are many other benefits also.

Because of belt's presence, the washing machine get unstable at higher rotation that's dangerous for home-use. And, after a while of use, the belt may get loose. So, you need to change it, which can be cumbersome. Because, you have to open entire washing machine and may need other technical knowledge.

And, if you want any technical person to do that job, then need to pay fees to him/her.

So, after a lot of discussion, I found Direct Drive Technology pretty much efficient and effective for washing machine over belt-drive technology.